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Center for Healthy Neighborhoods

Support the Ready, Set, Read; Dig Deeper Summer Camp. 

Help a Child Get Back on Track! Kids doing reading skill games

The CSUF Center for Healthy Neighborhoods, in partnership with the College of Education and the Hazel Miller Croy Reading Center, is hosting a summer reading camp – Ready, Set, Read! Dig Deeper camp  Elementary students who face homelessness have had significant setbacks due to the pandemic and school closures. You can help children become better readers and achieve academic success.  

Last summer, participants’ parents overwhelmingly reported their children were more prepared for the upcoming school year. As a result, the kids in the summer camp read for pleasure, visited the public library and their motivation to read improved over 20% program-wide!  

Your donations will: 

  • Be used to enroll a child into the Ready, Set, Read! Dig Deeper camp  
  • Distribute backpacks for each child loaded with books 
  • Provide curriculum materials and prizes for completing activities and reading 
  • Support parent and children workshop materials and incentives, vouchers  

Make a gift to the Center for Healthy Neighborhoods and help motivate students to read in fun and interactive ways. This summer program will make a significant change in addressing educational barriers and increasing the potential for academic success for families with children in grades K-12.  

We appreciate your gift and support for this influential reading camp!

children making crafts and reading at camp

Late Night Match
Starting at 7:30 p.m. all gifts will get matched dollar for dollar up to $20,000!
$20,000 MATCHED
Impact Report Dollar Totals
Most money received by areas across campus!
Rank Area Raised
1 Center for Healthy Neighborhoods $33,985.00
2 OLLI $22,080.00
3 Speech and Debate Scholarships $21,245.00
4 Fullerton Arboretum $18,893.00
5 Alumni Association Scholarship $18,640.00
California Bank & Trust Donor Challenge
The bank is open! For every 50 donors who make a gift during “bank hours” - between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST - California Bank & Trust will donate $1,000 - up to $10,000.
500 / 500 Donors
Center for Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge
When 50 donors make a gift to the Center for Healthy Neighborhoods, an additional $2,500 will be unlocked!
50 / 50 Donors
Center for Healthy Neighborhoods Match
All gifts will be matched dollar for dollar up to $5,000 towards the Center for Healthy Neighborhoods!
$5,000 MATCHED
Fraternity and Sorority Giving Challenge
The top 3 chapters with the most donations will receive an additional bonus to the Greek Endowment Fund in their name! $500 to 1st place, $300 to 2nd place and $200 to 3rd place. Sorority or fraternity affiliation must be indicated when giving!
Are you a member of a Greek organization? Select your affiliation:
Rank Answer Donors
1 Alpha Chi Omega 44
2 Sigma Kappa 13
3 Pi Kappa Phi 13
4 Sigma Pi 12
5 Alpha Delta Pi 6
6 Zeta Tau Alpha 4
7 Alpha Phi Alpha 3
8 Delta Zeta 3
9 Gamma Phi Beta 3
10 Alpha Kappa Alpha 3
11 Delta Chi 3
12 Alpha Psi Lambda 2
13 Omega Psi Phi 1
14 Pi Kappa Alpha 1
15 Lambda Theta Phi 1
Early Bird Match
This challenge has been fulfilled. Thank you for your donations and for supporting the areas that inspire you!
$10,000 MATCHED
Lunch Hour Match
From 12 - 1 p.m., all gifts will be matched up to $10,000. Get your gifts in at noon to ensure your impact is doubled! Eligible for gifts between $10 - $1,000.
$10,000 MATCHED
PepsiCo Dollar Challenge
The area brings in the most dollars will receive a bonus prize of $5,000 thanks to our sponsor PepsiCo. (Note: This does not include funding received from other matches and challenges.)
Rank Prize Area Raised
1 $5,000 Center for Healthy Neighborhoods $16,070.00
2 $3,000 Speech and Debate Scholarships $14,825.00
3 $2,000 Women's Soccer $14,541.00
4 OLLI $13,510.00
5 Fullerton Arboretum $9,144.00
PepsiCo Donor Challenge
The area brings in the most donors will receive a bonus prize of $5,000 thanks to sponsor PepsiCo.
Rank Prize Area Donors
1 $5,000 Fullerton Arboretum 153
2 $3,000 OLLI 150
3 $2,000 Titan Fund 115
4 Speech and Debate Scholarships 110
5 Women's Soccer 95
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